"I love how I got to do what I thought was impossible, yet I have actually achieved it today!"  

Sandy, grade 7

"THANK YOU for believing in us and helping us become part of a Guinness World Record!"

Tophie, grade 6

"I can get smarter when I am doing this, that is what I love about it most."  

Kyle, grade 4

"This program was very helpful and it really helped me with my growth mindset.  I feel I can do anything now.  This workshop was very inspiring and the people who run this program are extremely helpful."   Kayla, grade 7

"So much FUN!  So EMPOWERING!"  John Sweeney Catholic School Teacher, grade 4

"I love that everyone helped each other.  WE DID IT TOGETHER!  That is what matters most."

Cassidy, grade 4

"I really liked this experience because we learned something that we thought was impossible, but now we can do it."  Anthony, grade 8

"It was challenging at first and I thought I would never solve it, but with some help I solved the cube and now I feel accomplished!"  Bella, grade 6

"I am so glad that I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube and I am RALLY excited about June 3rd.  I have been practicing and my record is now 2:33."  Lilliana, grade 5

"I LOVED solving the Rubik's Cube, especially doing the daisy.  You guys are the BEST!  Thank you for helping me!"  Emerson, grade 4

"Steps were broken down fabulously.  Super helpful team.  Isabelle and Ashley were very helpful with me.  And Ashley was a great help with one of my students who struggle."

John Sweeney Teacher, grade 7

"I like that we are all working together as a TEAM!"  Nikole, grade 4

"I got closer with my Grandpa because he was always bugging me to learn it."  Kyler, grade 8

"This program is a good way to learn a new skill and to grow our learning capacity."

Tophie, grade 6

"I feel REALLY good about the program.  I am so proud of myself because I solved the Rubik's Cube!"

Tristan, grade 5


"IQ raised!  Academic learning!"  Mathew, grade 7

"I really liked that you came into our class to teach us how to solve a Rubik's Cube.  You were always prepared and happy to teach different classes.  I really had FUN! Thank you so much for teaching me!"

Marisa, grade 5

"I really like how you taught us one step at a time and made it really easy to learn.  I really thought it would be hard but it wasn't, because you made it fun.  THANK YOU!"  Isabella, grade 5

"I learned that is not impossible to solve the Rubik's cube.  I love that when explained it seemed so easy!  I love that the staff who helped teach are helpful and kind.  Thanks for helping me!" 

Lara, grade 6

"This was a GREAT experience that I will remember for years to come!"  Andrea, grade 8

"I like that you guys are coming and teaching people how to solve the Rubik's Cube and putting a smile on our faces and making us happy.  Thx!"  Kamil, grade 7

"I really enjoyed this experience and I'm really happy about being able to solve the cube."  Giselle, 6

"This program was very fun!  Learning how to solve the cube felt AMAZING!  Now I feel EMPOWERED.  Thanks for teaching me."  Shaurya, grade 7

"I love the satisfaction of completing each level every week.  I am excited to learn the new level and just a week ago I was stuck on a level but now I solved the cube and to me that's a BIG achievement."  Nicholas, grade 7

"Thank you so much for coming to our class!  Even thought I already knew how to solve the cube, I still learned some tips and tricks and I got to help my friends!  Thank You!"  Braeden, grade 8

"Learning to solve the Rubik's cube was a great learning experience and I'm really glad I had the chance to learn something I've been wanting to accomplish for a while now!"  Aliah, grade 8

"I think this is a pretty cool what Riley and his team are doing!"  Keegan, grade 8

"I really enjoyed what they say and I believe in myself more."  Natasha, grade 6

"It was hard at first, but with practice I become better and it was more fun.  It's GREAT!" 

Hayden, grade 7