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"I love how I got to do what I thought was impossible, yet I have actually achieved it today!"  

Sandy, grade 7

"This has been such an amazing experience for our entire family to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube together.  And I can proudly say my kids can totally whip me and they love it!"  LOL

Dorsey, family with four children

"THANK YOU for believing in us and helping us become part of a Guinness World Record!"

Tophie, grade 6

"I can get smarter when I am doing this, that is what I love about it most."  

Kyle, grade 4

"This program was very helpful and it really helped me with my growth mindset.  I feel I can do anything now.  This workshop was very inspiring and the people who run this program are extremely helpful."   Kayla, grade 7

"So much FUN!  So EMPOWERING!"   Catholic School Teacher, grade 4

"I love that more girls are getting into cubing thanks to Cuber's Corner"  Emily, grade 9

"I love that everyone helped each other.  WE DID IT TOGETHER!  That is what matters most."

Cassidy, grade 4

"Well organized.  Easy to follow.  GREAT PROGRAM!"  Scott, teacher

"I really liked this experience because we learned something that we thought was impossible, but now we can do it."  Anthony, grade 8

"It was challenging at first and I thought I would never solve it, but with some help I solved the cube and now I feel accomplished!"  Bella, grade 6

"I am so glad that I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube and I am REALLY excited about June 3rd.  I have been practicing and my record is now 2:33."  Lilliana, grade 5

"I LOVED solving the Rubik's Cube, especially doing the daisy.  You guys are the BEST!  Thank you for helping me!"  Emerson, grade 4

"Steps were broken down fabulously.  Super helpful team.  Isabelle and Ashley were very helpful with me.  And Ashley was a great help with one of my students who struggled."

 Teacher, grade 7

"I like that we are all working together as a TEAM!"  Nikole, grade 4

"Learning how to solve the cube in University has been amazing.  Most people learn when they are younger, but I say 'Better now than never'."  Dan, 2nd year university

"I got closer with my Grandpa because he was always bugging me to learn it."  Kyler, grade 8

"This program is a good way to learn a new skill and to grow our learning capacity."

Sophie, grade 6

"I am buying this program as birthday gifts from now on.  It's a gift that will benefit the recipient for the rest of their life."  Jackie, mother of two

"I feel REALLY good about the program.  I am so proud of myself because I solved the Rubik's Cube!"

Tristan, grade 5


"IQ raised!  Academic learning!"  Mathew, grade 7

"I really liked that you came into our class to teach us how to solve a Rubik's Cube.  You were always prepared and happy to teach different classes.  I really had FUN! Thank you so much for teaching me!"

Marisa, grade 5

"I really like how you taught us one step at a time and made it really easy to learn.  I really thought it would be hard but it wasn't, because you made it fun.  THANK YOU!"  Isabella, grade 5

"I learned that is not impossible to solve the Rubik's cube.  I love that when explained it seemed so easy!  I love that the staff who helped teach are helpful and kind.  Thanks for helping me!" 

Lara, grade 6

"This was a GREAT experience that I will remember for years to come!"  Andrea, grade 8

"I like that you guys are coming and teaching people how to solve the Rubik's Cube and putting a smile on our faces and making us happy.  Thx!"  Kamil, grade 7

"I really enjoyed this experience and I'm really happy about being able to solve the cube."  Giselle, 6

"This program was very fun!  Learning how to solve the cube felt AMAZING!  Now I feel EMPOWERED.  Thanks for teaching me."  Shaurya, grade 7

"I love the satisfaction of completing each level every week.  I am excited to learn the new level and just a week ago I was stuck on a level but now I solved the cube and to me that's a BIG achievement."  Nicholas, grade 7

"Thank you so much for coming to our class!  Even thought I already knew how to solve the cube, I still learned some tips and tricks and I got to help my friends!  Thank You!"  Braeden, grade 8

"Learning to solve the Rubik's cube was a great learning experience and I'm really glad I had the chance to learn something I've been wanting to accomplish for a while now!"  Aliah, grade 8

"I think this is pretty cool what Riley and his team are doing!"  Keegan, grade 8

"I really enjoyed what they said and I believe in myself more."  Natasha, grade 6

"It was hard at first, but with practice I become better and it was more fun.  It's GREAT!" 

Hayden, grade 7

"THIS PROGRAM IS DOPE!"  James, grade 10


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