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Riley Gellatly

"Learning how to solve the Rubik’s Cube is an incredible and empowering experience.  Empowered kids make wiser choices, and wiser choices will get us a better world.  This is the backbone of the formation of Cuber’s Corner.  I am so honoured to be teaching thousands of students in Canada and worldwide"

Sherry's Head Shots.jpg
Sherry Gellatly

"When my son, Riley, stated that “every child should know how to solve the Rubik’s Cube” with a victorious expression on his face after solving the cube for the first time, I knew that he had made an important point.  However, it's not just young people that need to feel empowered.  Learning to solve the cube is a perfect way to accomplish that for anyone, at any age, to feel that boost of confidence and empowerment.  Learning this skill has no bearing on age, physical agility, academic level, or social status. It is a one-size-fits-all cube!  ."

Ashley Gellatly

"As Riley’s older sister, I love being part of the Cuber’s Corner Team teaching the Student Edition, witnessing how much it is helping students become more confident individuals.  As a pilot and aviation student at the University of Waterloo, I am confident when it comes to flying planes, yet I shuttered at the thought of picking up a cube and trying to solve it.   Now that I have learned how through Cuber’s Corner, I am amazed at how simple it is to solve something that seemed impossible before. I now feel so much more confident in my ability to solve problems, and our goal is for every child that we teach, feel the same way!"

Young Asian Male
Ryan Xu

"I love solving the cube and learning new algorithms!  Cuber's Corner is a great way to get more kids cubing and less gaming.

I also love being part of the team."

Josiah pic.jpeg
Josiah Klavar

"I enjoy solving Rubik's cube puzzles, and I really like to teach people the skills needed to solve the cube.  I want other kids to experience the joy of being able to solve such a challenging puzzle."

Nicolas Sharkey

"I enjoy seeing the explosion of happiness when children, who I teach, solve their cube."

Lady with Folded Arms

"I think this is a great initiative!  When a child learns to solve the cube they also learn that they can do other difficult things.  That knowledge is priceless."

Red Hair Boy

Andrew Cummins

"Learning to solve the cube is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  It gives you confidence and teaches you that you can solve even the most challenging puzzles....And 'Life' is a puzzle!

Girl at School
Eliana von Lochem

"I like helping other kids try things that they think they can not do.  It makes the victory of thier achievement so much sweeter when they finally solve it for the first time.  They amaze themselves!

Hunter Martin

"I LOVE solving the cube!  It makes me feel even smarter!

David Neiconi.jpg
David Neiconi

"I like the challenge of solving the Rubik's Cube and teaching other kids how to do it. It feels great to share your knowledge with others and help them to feel good about themselves."

Matias Neiconi.jpg
Matias Neiconi

"When I see kids solving the cube for the first time, it's very exciting. It makes me feel like I've made a difference in their lives."

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