Guinness World Record Event

POSTPONED due to :




Hello Cubers!


We hope this email finds you and your families well!

This is definitely a situation that I believe none of us expected to happen, or at least to the depths of the impact it is having on us all.


It goes without saying that we are utterly devastated at the impact this has had on Riley's goals, our life and everything we have invested into Cuber's Corner.  But we know we are not alone.  Even as Riley has shed a tear or two as he watches his dream being postponed, he knows that every single one of us is being impacted by COVID-19.  


As we wait out this storm in isolation, we are also praying for everyone's safe keeping, both in physical and mental health.  Staying connected is critically important for us right now, even if it is only through a computer or phone.  There is a plethora of online options for everything from yoga to coding to help keep things moving and prevent stagnation from occurring.  We would also like to inject our own version of 'keeping the momentum' going for cubing.


We would like to extend our invitation to everyone that has either taken the Cuber's Corner program and needs a refresher or would like to start the program by personally inviting you join our Google Classroom.


Feel free to shoot us an email requesting an invite to the class at  Let's keep the momentum going!


Now, more than ever has the symbolism of the cube been more relevant.  

Erno Rubik is quoted for saying....

"Our Whole Life Is Solving Puzzles!"


And right now we are in a global puzzle that we all play a fundamental piece.  Erno Rubik said, "The cube is, at the same time, a symbol of simplicity and complexity......chaos and order."  And I think it is safe to say that we are in utter chaos at the moment.  Fear is rampant, frustration and uncertainty are everywhere you look.  


However, just as we teach in the Cuber's Corner program, 'Every problem has a solution, it is just a matter of finding it.'  So as we 'separately' pull together to find a solution to this pandemic and the byproducts of our current limited lifestyle (isolation, layoffs, toilet paper shortages!), we encourage you to remember this philosophy.  Don't focus on the problem, focus on the solution, just like we do when aiming for a 'solved cube'.


So the moral of the story is....KEEP CUBING!!!

Allow your self to enter a meditative state; pray while your cubing!  Answers WILL come to you!  If you can solve the cube, allow yourself to feel the satisfaction of the knowing that all problems have a solution and so does this one we are all presently living......


For now, stay home and stay well!